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Minh Anh Guest house garden is located at 81A Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Guest house located in a very convenient location for travel to visit any place in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Guest house is built and exquisite design, elegant fully furnished, clean, cool, ...


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Da Lat - The small corner awaiting discovery

Golden Valley - the ideal destination for summer

From the city center, just 15 minutes drive north west, visitors will travel to the Golden Valley. This is one of the romantic eco-tourism is the special nature of the pine forests and vast grass hill.

Đà Lạt - Những

Đà Lạt - Những

Standing on a slope overlooking the tranquil waters of the vast, immense, shake down the side of the beautiful lake as a water color painting.

Cu Lan Village

From Golden Valley Resort, adding some 10 kilometers further is encountered Island Village Beach Resort Views. Cu Lan Village as a green paradise, with streams gurgling sound, the sound of the pines waving, church echoed with birds startled.

Đà Lạt - Những

Đà Lạt - Những

To explore nature, guests can use the service jeep or ride a bike or walk. Across the hilly streams are meandering water block cooling lanhlam for Cu Lan Village has its own appeal.

Explore Camp Mat

Trai Mat is a different version of Da Lat, in general, much like Da Lat of the last few decades if no Dalat bring French colonial villa, what peace is dominant here, even the is the most exciting market but still bold rustic makes us feel very comfortable, relaxed

Đà Lạt - Những

Trai Mat - a suburb of Dalat center 8km. Along the way, you can see the delight in the wind pine forests are increasingly rare in the center

Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Pagoda Ve Chai)

If you are a person interested in exploring temples, you should visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, the pagoda is the most unique addition to Da Lat by gaudy architecture, temples are all pieces of porcelain mosaic, ancient architectures , outside the 7-storey tower, the temple attracts tourists to the statue of Avalokitesvara is associated with giant flowers immortal (as recorded in the Guinness World Records lists Vietnam in Da Lat Flower Festival 2010).

Đà Lạt - Những

Do wholly unexplored piece of crockery so many people still often referred to as Linh Phuoc Pagoda is Ve Chai Pagoda.

Wild Tiger Cave

Tiger Cave is located 12km from the center of Da Lat in the northeast. Road to the Tiger's Nest is an idyllic setting, romantic ties with yellow wild sunflowers, green swathes crept deep inside. To admire the beauty of the majestic waterfalls, visitors to men on paved roads, with nearly 150 levels are interspersed with jungle primeval murky, mysterious ... The water poured down from on high waterfall divided into several branches, weaving through the rocks and flows downward to the scenery even more spectacular, poetic.

Đà Lạt - Những

Tiger Cave is a quite often frequented by young enthusiasts picnic, explore nature, as well as locations for photography lovers to experience and technical creativity

And there is so much interesting things in Dalat where you will see and experience as yourself feel it. Slow pace, the peaceful life of Da Lat will help you slow, slow thinking ... Maybe, because we realize that we really want to do, have done and will do the work and life .

Each trip, the resort or the use of reasonable costs is a challenge for tourists. If you want to experience a real life Da Lat to enjoy a relaxed, quiet and real cost savings, you should rent a villa with a separate area from 200 to 1200m2. Rent a villa in the course is much more comfortable than regular hotel very much and in fact if a home is cheaper than the cost surprisingly, only from 150k/person.

Own a rental villa you are using the entire house during the rental period with full amenities such as clean rooms, water heaters, air conditioning, ironing board, refrigerator, TV, wifi, BBQ oven, stove and equipped kitchen, 1 motorcycle to go to the market ... the whole family will be spoiled for rest in private, liberal.

Da Lat is the system of this type of villa rental companies Tripssaving brand Carin Vietnam, serving from book to pick up professional room for rent from 1 million, 2 million, depending 3tr/dem selection, a whole villa landcape or villas, villa bungalow +, from 3 to 7 rooms, bungalows, with provision for a mattress. Check-in time-out is very flexible (you can check-in at 1-5pm and check-out at dusk around 9 am but only charged 1 night). System villa rentals also have many preferential policies on price if your little group.

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