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Minh Anh Guest house garden is located at 81A Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Guest house located in a very convenient location for travel to visit any place in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Guest house is built and exquisite design, elegant fully furnished, clean, cool, ...


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Deserted beach in Cham

We sent the car at the end of the village shop sea water Khanh Nhon (Nhon Hai, Ninh Thuan) and follow trails through fields peppers, garlic, onions ... the voice of the hunter, the wild house, brick wells taplo old indigenous way up the hill to visit. At the foot of the sand, on the positive lobe burn The ball is cleared. Sometimes where there are trenches that remains of the military has been removed.

Taking up and down hills

Conquer the road through the hills just 2km long enough to sweat under the midday sun grumpy of origin. Le Hung Tien, a companion, a music teacher of Ninh Thuan TTIs, the local population, but this is the first time listening to and it was interesting to be drawn into this strange trip.

Hoang vắng ở biển Chăm - 1

Seas creating special ecological structure, making wild beauty

Across the hills positive lobe, unfold before our eyes is a tectonic rocks with strange, ancient monsters. It seems that in a thousand years plying the sea ', the uneven wear of the carpet made ​​waves on the rough stone surface rough, rough dirty, sometimes for pointing out the sharp edges off the same challenges as loud roar. The shells, oysters, coral washed up by waves still scattered. And the water's edge, still cobble beaches, dunes and barren previous small waves.

Step up to the top of the hill, we saw a temple located. The temple was built in 2003 by Islamic architecture, are not keepers, but inside the temple there are many things that cups, plates, trays worship, vestments of the Cham are neatly arranged to sacrifice service. Especially around the temple, under the tree is the large rock hit the ancient Cham language text. Later, the researchers asked a Cham language, the ancient Cham people today are not very readable. These stones are arranged in the bush, under the tree and wrap the Siamese shirt designs as fossils of the hermit sat for, facing the sea. Between wilderness, rocks wrapped clothes in red, white bass even before the brutal cold incense burners Aaron evoke horror.

Picnic in the wild seas

A colleague who care for us and, every year, on holidays Ramuwan (a "next turn" of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, but has gotten rid of the spirit of fasting and asceticism), Cham religious Bani (Muslim localized) has offered to visit here, to worship ancestors.

Binh Nghia, U.S. Report is also home to the island still holds after Tet holidays Ramuwan. Ritual Island Bridge, also known as Yon Yang, Wind beg god, god Cloud, Sea god, the god of rain ... for good weather, calm sea to sky quiet work areas, fishermen favorable, prosperous life.

Standing at the corner of the school culture, the rituals of the Cham islands in the estuary area in Ninh Thuan has special value, showing imprint of wild sea life living still kept in mind though Care in fact, through the events of national history, the class has no descendants living by the sea as their fathers again.

Waves lem ate thousands of years in rocks of the hill, creating a region of very deep, dark green. This is a wonderful place for picnics, fishing with anyone who loves wild scenery and mysterious, is also an ideal place for the cultural field trips for those who pursue the search for traces of the cultural sea of Health.

But for us, the guys' riding flower viewing "to hunt and surface landscape pampered soul food, they also take part: just down from the hill, take the nostalgic camera angles, then the beach bar with fresh fish from the boats just up, especially baking dish with salt and chilli eating sand ridges with the line ... have enough temptation forgot the way.

According to Nguyen Vinh (Saigon Marketing)

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