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Minh Anh Guest house garden is located at 81A Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Guest house located in a very convenient location for travel to visit any place in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Guest house is built and exquisite design, elegant fully furnished, clean, cool, ...


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Pa Don magic cave
From the town of Prao (Dong Giang, Quang Nam), down the Ho Chi Minh trail right 19 km, A Profile to rural, remote buzzer Ma, re down on street Palepachanh resettlement areas, you saw young sweet backward Men Pick us up on our narrations Shanghai A Mu Lang, commander BCHQS H. Dong Giang. It was a dark corridor, graduate-level provincial Agriculture, Bzep Alang, commune officials CA, A Lang, boarding school students Hoi An. All three people we pour down the slope bun soaking wet pasture land 2 km longer, removing motorcycle along the road, turn down a ravine named Bhom Lom, finds come back up Don Pa mountains looming ahead. Halfway up the slopes exceed 200m certification, exam to an escarpment. Cloud Youth Guarantee, shop on the mountain in such cliffs.

Kỳ ảo hang động Pa Don - 1

Uplink cave Pa Don

Recall prepared young black star pin and all of the trees to start the bat, we're relegated. I'd just hang way down you go a lot. King about 2m down that offer, as we fall into a large interspace, through his flashlight speaker configuration, a cave system pops up, long hang flat, but with soaring stone arch. A knowledgeable evince my village, "said village elders, even old-starvation on East military region and around the cave." Continue through the ranks most other eels, we're back to a cave that offer, through the flashlight he appeared before us a "palace" garish splendor.

Cave them wide 50 m2, but soaring arch, each needs most colorful jars, residual income vom winding caves, flourish, horizontal stab from the cliffs. Weeds such as the skin, but white silk winding side, there are multiple jars need each other curly scroll on each reel has stalactites hang down vom chamber as shown on a stem or sprout from the cave walls as shown people looking to buy loaf ... all colors, white, pink, purple, red, sparkling, shimmering, splendid as a maze. Continue through the ranks has always different, we're back to a cave that offer more. This time I was really stunned by an incomparable wonders, the beautiful cave, sumptuously many times I go through the next cave. Unfortunately, when engrossed watching each needs most, battery lamp housing lagged love people. Seeing me with A Lang shouted "hang out soon, if not little depleted battery is dangerous ...".

Kỳ ảo hang động Pa Don - 2

Beautiful stalactites in the cave Pa Don, far from Ca Dang, Dong Giang

We rushed to the store or rut, standing between this mountain pond pond the wind, birdsong and I still have not yet awakened, not stunned, do not ignore the darkness in the mountains there are now up with such a unique ...

Afternoon, to lobby on Men (remote CA), A dark corridor, A Lang Bzep people to visit us, welcome Secretary of Rural England A Lang. Know we just hang on Don Pa, A Lang He rolls his eyes: "Do not fear a, accomplished this alone I would not have dared on Top ...". No time to understand what, A Lang exam you laughing quite a bit: "But it's okay, then lets Giang ...". My eyes do not see them out, A British Lang quite complicated: "In the cave has a very large snake, look at this tape (English Lang A house is only pillar), to nearly 10 meters long ... I have lived in python hang for a long time, you have met in the lobby decades ago, A lang He also met several times pythons, last year (2012) also invited to meet it. corridor Three Men and all the surrounding villages and some considered python is "body-gripping", there are many bat cave.

9 months 10 months on, three injured on bats hang on to start feeding. But every time it starts to go bat, every house in the village ritual must then hang on. Many people in the village have met pythons hang on, hang one category at once, at another of quotas, but no very gentle, does not hurt anyone. No only in circle, people can step over it still okay next. But today you see me hang on it is crawled away, or hang on hang vom, competition has to go on right out of the cave. Guarantee village elders, so that day was, "close-python cave" does not agree to start you on the bat cave. "He said this, but A Lang explains, resembles snake has eaten yet, it will in im many even venture to digest food, the day you come back no, or hanging invention, ie it is demanded, have been searching environment, yet see him, no angry woo back is dangerous.

Kỳ ảo hang động Pa Don - 3


Cave Pa Don extend hundreds of meters in the mountains with stalactites is extremely unique

Cave Pa Don broad, deep in the mountains, you have a store again, we have from the shop at about 1km, chances python in a niche in remote, if not likely we had python. A British Lang since, just be, A Lang had his troop stationed on so many mountains in the area and all of Don Pa cave, this region is the historic revolutionary Gross read, why tens last year, he saw authorities and relevant agencies to remodeling, restoring monuments? Therefore, multi-dozen years, in addition to local people, anyone knows it, the ruins of this revolution has a cave system, such a beautiful landscape. A desire to Anh Lang: "If this development relic into a tourist attractions on Truong Son Street history or know what competition ...".

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